Friday, 6 July 2007

Jo, Tracey and Derek

We have been having an absolute hoot.....I don't think we have stopped laughing since their arrival!! The plane arrived on schedule and I went and picked them up at the airport (no wrong day's this time!!) when we got home Moon had made the most amazing lunch - Tom Yum Gai, a lovely fish dish which sounds something like Chock Chai (I really need to get the proper name from her) and steamed rice. Jo, Tracey and Derek brought us loads of wine, some Pimms and a Cat toilet!! (It's called Litter Kwitter and it trains your cat to use the cool is that!! I can't wait to watch the DVD). We then went a wee wonder up Sukhumvit Road, met up with Chris in our local bar on Soi 8 then headed to Cabbages and Condoms for dinner (Yes the lights are made of condoms and the man's clothes from birth control pills!!). Jo was most taken with the fact that we had ordered blue/purple food and just had to take a photo!!

The following day we headed out to Jim Thomson's house (Jo bought the most beautiful bag.....I have bag envy) we had lunch there and then went over to MBK where we did a bit of shopping then went to the food court for pudding. (Jo took a photo......this is starting to become a habit!!). Then we went to the mobile phone section - for those who have not been this really is a sight to behold.....I didn't know that you could get so many phones!! - and Jo bought the most truly....erm....actually words fail is a photo so you can see for yourself!! (I do not have phone envy!! Oh and I will explain the story of the pig fan at a later date!!). We headed home and then went into the new spa, Lavana, that has opened across the road.....we all decided to go for the full body massage with hot herbal ball. It was divine although Jo and I creased up when we saw the black net pant things that we had been asked to wear!! I think we all slept like logs that night!!

On Thursday they headed out on their own - I had a BWG Committee meeting and had to take the cats to the vet (That was traumatic....lugs still has ear mites (He had them before we got him) which means that we have to clean his ears morning and night for the next two weeks and they both had to have blood tests and shots). When I got home they had gone for a look around, had eaten at Crepes and Co (and could now recommend a few dishes that I had not tried before) and Derek was having a little nap. We then headed out to the Night Market and the Joe Lewis Puppet Theatre - Chris joined us after the show and we all laughed at the incredibly dense waiter that was serving us (actually, serving is technically correct but not what actually was a little experience). We got Tuk Tuk's home.....Jo and Derek loved them....Tracey was not so sure but I think that had more to do with the fact that the air con is playing havoc with her sinuses and the pollution wasn't actually helping!!

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Anonymous said...

I don't think I'm surprised that there's a story behind the pig fan - eagerly awaiting the explanation.
Mum xxx