Saturday, 7 July 2007

It seemed like such a good idea!!!

Why!!......Oh we do it!! It seemed like such a good idea at the time!!

We went over to Georgie and Ben's for a few drinks (well actually we went over and had some of the Pimms that Jo had brought - the deal was that we would provide the Pimms if Georgie provided the lemonade and fruit!!) which was lovely - everyone got on really well and it was decided that we would head to Admakers ( started so well!!).

We had a fantastic dinner - spring rolls, prawn wrapped in bacon, spicy pork, ribs, fish cakes, chicken in pandanas leaves, spicy chicken in lime sauce to name but a few and we all got the giggles as the rice arrived when everything else had been finished. (Ben felt a bit bad so agreed to the waiter putting some on his plate but I think he only had a fork full in the end). The band were really good and there was much amusement when Ben, upon learning that Derek plays bass in a Police tribute band, marched up and asked if Derek could play with them......'what was funny about that' I hear you ask.........they didn't have a bass player!! (Derek would also have needed the bassist, if there had been on, to be left handed but this had kind of by passed Ben). We then made a fatal decision - going down to Soi Cowboy was a good idea!!

Oh dear.....not sure how to explain this!!! Ok, for those of you that don't know, Dundee is actually a word in Thai - It means deep penetration!! (Sorry Gran!!) So the look on Moon's face was priceless when Jo announced that she lived in can imagine can't you!! (Jo now tells everyone that she lives in Tayside) so when we went to the Cowboy (now you know exactly what type of place Soi Cowboy is) we just HAD to go into the bar called.....yep you guessed it.....Dundee!! It was rather grim and the wee wizened woman who I think was the owner was not amused as we completely ignored the girls and provided our own entertainment. There is only so much scowling wizened woman that we could take so we left Dundee and headed to another bar (I have no idea what it was called!!) - Ben by this point was rather the worse for wear (to be fair we were not far behind him) and decided that he would make a better stripper than the girls so took his shirt off and asked Jo to spank his bum (It's a sad day when a stripper comes over to you and asks you to put your shirt back on!!). I haven't laughed that much in ages!!

The next day Jo sent a text message to her friend Gavin 'Things I never thought I would see.....Tracey in a Go Go bar' to which he replied 'I didn't know she had a work permit!!' I don't think any of us will live it down any day soon!!

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Anonymous said...

Somehow, 'Dundee' will never be the same again. Must tell Tom Dailey that he has a residential home for the elderly in 'deep penetration', it doesn't bear thinking about!
Mum xxx