Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Fab Weekend

You may have gathered that I was feeling a little blue this weekend due to the fact that I couldn't be at my cousins wedding - Well, Chris decided that we should have a special weekend too. Ages ago we went to a Comedy night and we won a night's stay in a posh hotel in the raffle (Jammy eh!!) so we contacted them and booked our room for Saturday night.

So, on Saturday we had a very leisurely morning pootering about the apartment then we went out and had Mexican for lunch (Crispy Tacos......yummmm) before heading over to MBK for a wee bit of shopping. I have been working on some new drawings one of which is huge and complicated (to be honest I wish I had never started the bloody thing - to the right is a sneaky peak of a tiny section of it) and I had everything drawn ready to ink in but was struggling to work out what should be black and what should be left alone so Chris suggested I get the drawing scaled down and copied so I had some practice pieces (brilliant idea - why didn't I think of that!!). So whilst I got copies made Chris went off in search of camera stuff. We had a very funny 'Only in Thailand' moment in one of the shops.......Chris had been looking for a tripod for the camera and we spotted two in this electrical department store but only one had a price on it. I went over and interrupted the two sales people who were deep in conversation to ask the price.....well......one immediately started lifting things on the counter and then putting them back down again in a 'OMG I don't want to have to deal with a Farang' kind of way whilst the other one lifted up the tripod looked at it and then said 'Don't know'. That was it!!! Chris and I left the shop giggling!! (He got one in the end - it's lightweight and cost a grand total of £6).

The hotel was beautiful.....we stayed in the Pan Pacific in one of their Junior suits and I have to say that the views across Bangkok were just amazing. I just have to add here that the bathroom had all the mod cons - the shower was one of those that squirts you from all angles and the toilet had a little panel with buttons on it - so after you relieved yourself you could have your bum washed and blow dried!! (We both tried it.....very very odd!! Sorry - you didn't really need to know that did you *grins*). Anyhooo (moving swiftly on!!), the hotel is right next to one of the largest parks in Bangkok, Lumpini Park, and in the evenings when it's cooler they hold aerobic classes there.....I was highly entertained as I sat in our hotel room looking down at about 50 people bobbing up and down in unison.

We dumped our stuff then went for a wee walk along Silom road (popping into the big Jim Thomson shop there so I could lust after their very beautiful but VERY expensive bedding (and cushions....and fabric....and handbags.....)) before heading to the pub for a couple of drinks. We spent a very entertaining couple of hours watching the world go by - there was a very smiley wee man who spent quite a long time outside the pub with his nose pressed up against the window watching the football (it was very funny watching his reaction when his team scored) and we watched, what looked like, a Traffic Cop take a bribe from a taxi driver!!. We then went back to the hotel and had a fantastic meal in the award-winning Chinese restaurant, Hai Tien Lo, (apart from the pudding which Chris reckoned was like Mango custard but I thought it was more like jelly than custard!!) followed by vodka martini's in the bar.

It was just what I needed to get rid of my 'not being with the family' blues :-)


Lane said...

What a fantastic weekend and I am loving that shower! Have also gained another thai word - farang (foreigner?) and am now familiar with Thai loos thanks to you and jj.

Glad you had such a fab time:-) x

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect cure-all. Glad you've cheered up. And yes, you've always been Jammy!

Mum xx

JJ said...

Yeah, but where is the floating flower in the loo?

Glad you guys had a lovely time.


Carol and Chris said...

Lane - The shower was fab....although I found that my sides went a bit numb after a few minutes (not used to the pummling they were getting!!)

Yup Farang means foreigner - it's a bit disquieting cause you know the Thai's are talking about you but you don't know what they are saying!!

Mum - It was lovely and just what I needed.

JJ - That was the only thing that was missing :-) (and the blast of warm air on the bum didn't make up for it!!)

C x

Jen said...

Wow, it all sounds heavenly... can't bit a bit of luxury to beat the blues :)


Carol and Chris said...

Jen - It was just the tonic I was looking for (and the gin in it helped!!)

C x

disa said...
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