Wednesday, 3 October 2007


Well she is

awwwww......isn't she a wee cutie clutching her little red cup


Jen said...

Oh, utterly scrumptious... I'd find it soooooo hard not to become hopelessly attached...


Anonymous said...

She's looks so contented, not an explosion in sight!

Love Mum xx

Lane said...

oh lordy lordy. Soo cute. I wonder what her life holds for her?

Carol and Chris said...

Jen - I know......When I got home last week Chris opened my handbag to check I'd not smuggled any babies out!! His comment was 'You were bad enough with the cats....'

Mum - She was a grumpy wee bugger today. She was knackered but desperately wanted to stay awake to watch everything that was going on...she didn't succeed as you can see!!

Lane - I was thinking about that of the other women said that the little boy she had been looking after had gone to be a part of a family in Sweden. They have sent her a photo of him being kissed on the cheek by his new big sister.(I thought that was a lovely thing for them to do)

C x

JJ said...

Oh my god, Carol, oh my god. Don't EVER let me come with you... I will NEVER get out alone.

Carol and Chris said...

JJ - LOL. You can come but we'll have to frisk you before allowing you to leave the premises!!!

C x

TracyMcGal said...

I read you post and then left for work. As I was driving it hit me what you said that you did. How WONDERFUL!!! AWESOME!!! Thanks so much from a future adoptive mom. I love it that you are making a scrapbook. I wish that Patsakorn would have one. Both of my bio kids have books full of their first year and with P I will only have a few pictures. He lives in a small town outside of Bangkok w/ a farming family of 7. It is nice knowing that he is with a foster family. I have only waited 2 weeks but I am really struggling. Oh I wish I could go and get him today!!!! Thanks for visiting my page.

Carol and Chris said...

Tracy - Your Patsakorn is a wee cutie and I'm sure if he was in the orphanage we visit the girls would be fighting over who was matched to him!! I'm relatively new (some people have been going for years) but I think I can speak for all of us when I say that it's a relatively easy thing to do that can have a big impact. Good luck with your little one.


Mel said...

Oh you nasty woman posting all these gorgeous baby pics...I may have to stop reading your blog! Just jokes can't possibly tear myself away from it now! Sounds like JJ is getting spasms of cluckiness!

Carol and Chris said...

Mel it does doesn't it!! I will have to watch her!!

C x

Caroline said...

oh God you've made me cry. Such a beautful helpless thing in need of love ... can I have her? Please.

(and is that you in the photo?)

Carol and Chris said...

Caroline - *handing you a tissue*. Don't worry.....She'll have a happy ending :-)

Yep that's me in the picture

C x