Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Save The Curtain Campaign

I have launched a 'Save The Curtain' (From Splats) Campaign (really it should be save the curtain and fly screen from splats campaign but that doesn't have quite the same ring to it!!). This has involved a rather large purchase......I am hoping that it will deter the little buggers from running up the curtains

(and it has an added advantage - watching them attack each other through the holes is very very amusing!!)


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how two little splats can take over a house.

Love Mum xx

JJ said...

Do they build those towers big enough for children?


Lane said...

Splat Tower is fabulous! And the colours are so this season:-)

btw did it come delivered like that or did you have to carry it home?!

Carol and Chris said...

Mum - I know....ridiculous isn't it!!

JJ - Hmmmm.....Not sure they do but hey this is Thailand the land where anything is possible......(If you can't buy one I'm sure you could get one made!!)

Lane - Good innit!! That one is called 'Warm Season' they also had a 'Cool Season' which was blues and greens!!

Thankfully it comes apart and was delivered to our door (I don't think I would have been able to persuade Chris it was a good idea to get it otherwise!!)

C x