Friday, 19 October 2007

Major brownie points for me :-)

It's been a bit manic here recently - it was Chris's birthday yesterday, I have started a new drawing (which is huge and complicated and I'm now wishing that I'd not started it at all!!) and Moon's kids are back staying with us!!

But I still managed to make him a chocolate and orange birthday cake (It uses thin cut marmalade and come out really moist - Thanks for the recipe Caroline) and cook him a full Indian meal.........from scratch!! (I am very proud of myself!!). We had pepper and cheese pakora (which sounds horrible but was absolutely lovely) with a home-made mint chutney (actually I had a bit of a disaster with my first couple of pakora's the oil was a bit hot and they came out a lovely shade of chocolate brown but once the oil had cooled down a bit they were fine), followed by Spicy Chicken Korma and Saffron Rice. It was yummy (she says modestly!!) but there was tons of it so I fear that we are going to be living on it for months!!

From me he got - his PS2 (Play Station) chipped so he can now buy and play computer games from here, a wee selection of games to go with it (They are much much cheaper here than they are in the UK), a Dilbert book and a beautiful (dark) solid jade cheese board. It has a hole in the middle of it so Chris was making comments about using it as a Frisbee.....honestly....sometimes I worry about him!! He got an elephant key ring from Dawan, Fa did him a drawing of flowers in a vase and Moon got him a weird paper vase thing (Sorry I can't really think of any other way to describe it - once it's assembled I'll take a photo and post it)

We had a lovely evening and opened the last really nice bottle of wine that Jo and Co had brought over with them. Amarone......heaven in a glass!!


Mel said...

Happy belated Chris! Your dinner has got me salivating all over the place...I looove Indian food!

That Paul McCartney clip is hysterical..people are freaks (but you know they might just have something there, always thought the Queen was the secret leader of that lizard tribe! ;-)

Caroline said...

Oh God! I am in awe. I so wish that I could cook.


TracyMcGal said...

You are so talented. Obviously you are adventurous too! I have a Bangkok question. Can you tell me how far these locations are from each other?

850/33 Sukhumvit Soi 71
Klongton Bangkok 10110, Thailand
99 Rajdamri Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

This is the adoption agency to the hotel my brother will be staying. I am hoping that he can drop off a care package for me.

Just like Mel, you are such a great resource!


Carol and Chris said...

Mel - The clip is fab isn't it....I particularly liked Hillary's lizard finger!! (For years I was convinced that the Queen Mother had died (Obviously before she actually had) and what you saw in public was a Jim Henson puppet.....she never spoke and just did that weird wave thing!!)

Caroline - I still get scared about cooking things. Lasagne....the thought of trying to make bechamel sauce makes me want to run away screaming.

Tracy - From what I can gather his hotel is near Central World so he would either have to get a taxi (They are very cheap here so it would probably cost him less that 100 baht = 3 dollars) or he could get the skytrain from Chit Lom to Phra Khanong (I don't know how far down the Soi the agency is so he might need a taxi from the station). If he's going to go by taxi tell him to try and go in the morning and to avoid going on a Friday otherwise the traffic will be awful. Hope that helps.

C x

TracyMcGal said...

I will pass this along to him. We are a little sad that we can't travel with them. My dh really wants to go but we will be traveling in the spring and it isn't feasiable. We are learning the Chang song to sing to Patsakorn. I'm sure my southern draw makes it sound very interesting!

CresceNet said...
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Lane said...

I think you should be promoted to Brown Owl for all your efforts:-)
Chris is one lucky little bunny to be spoilt so (though I'm sure he deserves it!)
I sooo want some pakoras now:-)

Anonymous said...

You've obviously found the answer to 'can't get pakora in Bangkok'. Hope you'll make me somemmmmm! I'd bring some from Glasgow, but Customs might have something to say about it.

See you soon
Love, Mum xx

Carol and Chris said...

Tracey - That's a lovely thing to do!! I'm trying to learn Thai but am currently struggling with the saying that Moon had me in stitches yesterday when she said she had watched a movie that had soobeep in it....after several baffling minutes (and a very funny mime) Chris and I worked out that she meant Zombie's!!

Lane - I'm not convinced he does you know!! (He spent most of the morning laughing at me cause I was slightly hung over....when I pointed out to him that I'm nice to him when he's hung over he replied 'Yeah but I'm a nasty b*****d')

Mum - I also think that they might be a bit warm and soggy by the time they made it here!! (They were nice but I do miss proper Glasgow Pakora.....the closest we've found is in Chaing guess where we will be going for dinner when we're there!!!)

See you in a couple of weeks :-)

C x