Tuesday, 23 October 2007

I am very proud!!

Most of you know......at least I think most of you know.......that my Dad makes his living as a crime writer. Well, he was contacted to say that his novel 'Snakehead' had made it to the final seven of the Prix Intramuros Award.....he didn't even know he had been nominated. It turns out that Prix Intramuros is part of a crime-writing festival in Cognac and means 'within the walls' and the award is actually voted for by jail inmates!! The prize is decided by juries from seven different jails across France who are then brought to Cognac - each writer who reaches the final is expected to spend a day behind bars being quizzed by the inmates who will then use their insights into crime to chose a winner.

So my Dad arrived in Cognac on Friday where he met the other finalists. The 'condemned' novelists got their last meal in a local ch√Ęteau and the following morning they were taken to the prison......were they were quizzed for 12 hours by the prisoners!!! (and he did it all in French!!)

Guess what!!.......HE WON!!! (Woooo hooooo!!!!!)

Now I may be slightly biased in saying this but I reckon he deserves it......the amount of research he does for every novel is incredible and before he wrote Snakehead (which is the fourth in his Chinese series, features bio-terrorism and opens with the discovery of a truck full of dead Chinese immigrants......I'm not going to say any more in case you want to read it) he went to the states and actually visited death row......he walked the green mile......and even saw where they administer the lethal injection!!

I am very proud - well done Dad!!


Lane said...

I'm really proud too. Well done C's dad!!

Just had a look at the links and will have another good read and will pick up books too.

On a quick note - your dad is reaaally young and my mum used to love Take The High Road:-)

JJ said...

Hey well done to Peter, Carol's Dad. What an exciting sounding competition - prisoners and all! That is very exciting!

Jen said...

Wow, that's brilliant - a crime writer lauded by proper criminals, fantastic!

Well done, 'Dad' XXX

Mel said...

Wow congrats Carol's dad (and Carol for having such a successful pa!) Call me slow (and I haven't been with you too long, so I'm allowed) but I had no idea! Very exciting!

Carol and Chris said...

Thanks Guys!!

Lane - OMG your Mum liked Take The High Road .....you can tell her that the character Mrs Mack was a figment of my Dad's imagination!! (He'll be really chuffed that you've said he's young!!). You'll have to let me know if you get one (or more) of his books and what you think - I do recommend you start with The Firemaker!!

JJ - He's done so well hasn't he!!

Jen - I know....you can't get much of a better recommendation than that can you!!

Mel - I just assumed that everyone knew he was a thriller writer. It is exciting - I was thrilled he go t into the final but to win it is absolutely brilliant

C x

Caroline said...

Carol - fabtastic! I am so so so impressed. I will buy a book to celebrate! And you being so proud of your dad made me cry. I hope my children feel the same one day.



Carol and Chris said...

Caroline - I'm sure your kids already do!!

C x

TracyMcGal said...

Wow, that is impressive. Are his books in the states?

Carol and Chris said...

Tracey - Yes they are. He did a major tour of the States early this year promoting his books and is going to be doing the same again next year (I think round about January time)

C x